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As part of his Wearable Art line of Pedestrian Pop Culture, Artist Nicolosi introduces the 5th Anniversary EWF USPS Commemorative - "Urban Chic"  Shirt.


Each piece in the Nicolosi Collection of Wearable Art is a one -of-a-kind original.


Completely created & finished by hand.*




100% Proudly Made in America !





*  Each of the Nicolosi "Wearable Art" pieces is hand made/finished, rendering each piece 100% unique unto itself.Very much akin to a tiny inclusion inside a Waterford crystal piece, for example, theproduction of each piece reflects the unique craftsmanship of each individual item.Line demarcations, white "blaze" lines, colour variations, etc are all a part of theproduction process. Such slight variations are the natural results of handcrafting.These uniquie varitions, in no way affect the quality of the item and are definitelyNOT a flaw of any kind.

"Earth Wind & Fire Day" USPS Commemorative "Urban Chic" Shirt

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