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Rita Moreno / Marlon Brando - "Kiss"

Signed Limited-Edition Art Print by Nicolosi

2006_02_11 Rita Moreno Nick San Francisc
2019_03_08 Rita Moreno Marlon Brando Cer

Rita Moreno and Dr. Nicolosi

autographed the original

Nicolosi Pop Art portrait in San Francisco.


The two were accompanied by California's 

Governor Gavin Newsom.

Each of the "Kiss" Limited Edition Art Prints by Nicolosi

comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

Each Limited-Edition Art Print is individually signed by Nicolosi.

Rita Moreno, Marlon Brando, Gavin Newsom

The original photo that Nicolosi used as the inspiration for this portrait is a very powerful image of great historical provenance.

2006_02_11 Rita Moreno  Autograph San Fr
2006_02_11 Rita Moreno Nick Read San Fra

It is a movie still of Marlon Brando with his co-star, Rita Moreno during the film’s iconic love scene from their 1968 classic The Night of the Following Day.

This was the only piece of Hollywood Memorabilia relating to his film career that Marlon Brando displayed in his Mulholland Dr. Home.

The original photo sold at auction administered by

Christies for a record-breaking selling price of  $48,000 !

Also included in the Marlon Brando Estate auction was the annotated script from 1972's The Godfather which fetched in excess of $300,000.

4 Colors of Limited-Edition Art Prints 

to choose from:

Blue-Red-Yellow & Green

(Click on Image to Bid Online)

2019_03_08 Rita Moreno International Wom

Each Signed Limited Edition Nicolosi Art Print is matted, using the finest museum-quality acid-free paper and archival materials.


Outside dimensions:

16" x 20"

This signed Nicolosi Artwork is accompanied by its own Certificate of Authenticity, which is also signed and certified by Dr. Nicolosi.

2019_03_08 Rita Moreno International Wom
Rita Moreno Marlon Brando Gavin Newsom
2019_03_08 Rita Moreno International Wom
2019_03_08 Rita Moreno International Wom
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