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Spring 2018 Alaska Jewelry Collection


         The inspiration for Nicolosi’s new “Qeliq” (native Alaskan for “Spring Time”) Collection* is derived from his recent sojourn in America’s  "49th State” when he was commissioned to create the original autographed portraits of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor  and legendary Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens,  Feature story on CBS News Anchorage.



          While touring Alaska Nicolosi joined creative forces with a gifted indigenous Alaskan artisan and soon, the creative


pair immediately embarked on a noble mission to incorporate elements found in nature, designing pieces which emote the Spirit of Alaska.




     Humpback Whale Baleen, Alaskan Seal, River Otter, Walrus Tusk, Moose & Caribou Antlers and 10,000-year-old Fossilized Alaskan Mastodon Ivory are but a few of the coveted materials found in the artists repertoire.

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